The Spirit of Santa Class Baskets

The Spirit of Santa Class Baskets Once on our raffle page, follow these simple steps to win:

Click the yellow ENTER RAFFLE button.

Scroll down to add tickets to your cart.  Ticket prices are $1 for one ticket, $5 for seven tickets, $10 for fifteen tickets and $20 for thirty tickets.  If you would like more than 30 tickets, you can add multiple orders to your cart.

Once tickets are in your cart, scroll down to find descriptions and pictures of all 18 class baskets! Click on the black ‘Show Detail’ button to read all about the contents of the basket. You can also click on the picture to get a closer look.

To place your tickets in a particular basket, add tickets by clicking on the + button (you can deduct tickets with the – button).  If you would like to add tickets in a large quantity, click on the red Add Bulk button and you can type in the quantity of tickets you wish to enter with.

Please note you MUST place all of your purchased tickets in preferred baskets BEFORE proceeding to checkout.

Proceed to checkout where you will be prompted to purchase your tickets with a credit card.  Please note that a 2.6% service fee will be added to your purchase to offset the cost of the credit card transaction.  Thank you for your understanding.

The raffle winners will be chosen on Monday, December 21 at 11:15 AM live in school.  Winners will also be notified by email.  Winners will be able to pick up the baskets from school on Tuesday, December 22 or Wednesday, December 23.  Please note baskets cannot be shipped or mailed.

If you have questions regarding the raffle, please contact Michelle Bissell at [email protected].  We are excited to continue this SJSY Christmas tradition this year and are grateful for your support.  Thank you, happy raffling and good luck!!


Pre-K 3 (Half-Day Sessions)

Baking Basket

Pre-K 3 (Full Day 1)

Gift Card Basket

Pre-K 3 (Full Day 2)

Christmas Family Fun Basket

Pre-K 4A


Pre-K 4B

Arts & Craft Basket

Kindergarten 1

Coffee and Tea Basket

Kindergarten 2

Wellness Basket

Grade 1-1

Quarantine Basket

Grade 1-2

Dinner and Movie Basket (At home)

Grade 2-1

Date Night Basket (Restaurant Certificates)

Grade 2-2

Milk and Cookies Basket

Grade 3-1

Beauty Products Basket

Grade 3-2

Wine & Cheese Basket

Grade 4

Lottery Ticket Wreath

Grade 5

William-Sonoma Hamper

Grade 6

Family Board Game Basket

Grade 7

Stay-at-Home Basket (including an electronic)

Grade 8

Money Tree