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Clerical and Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Bake Sale - Assist in the monthly bake sales including set up, sales, and clean up; facilitate as needed; parents are asked to volunteer for their child’s grade bake sale.

Collate, Mail, and Staple - Assist in run-off, assembly and distribution of materials (newsletter, flyers) to teachers, students, and families; assist in external mailers for fundraisers, social activities, and miscellaneous items including copy, sort, staple, stuff, label, etc. Some of the administration can be done at home.

Shoppers - Assist periodically in running errands on behalf of the school; purchase goods and items for events and programs. The shoppers will organize list; keep record; purchase items; deliver to school; support event chairperson.

Field Trip and Assembly Chairpersons - Coordinate with principal and HSA president to provide a school-wide assembly program. Assist teachers in planning learning experiences outside of the classroom. Research and plan events; act as liaison between principal, HSA  president, teachers, and/or organization.

Dad’s Club - A father’s group dedicated to promoting a sense of community and help meet the goals of the school.  They support and/or organize school activities and social events, such as the parent fall social, spring golf outing, and street fair.